HIPs Tool for Admins

As campuses work to integrate more High-Impact Practices (HIPs) into their curricula and programming, most efforts have focused on faculty training and support. While faculty support is certainly important for the success of these initiatives, administrative and leadership support cannot be overlooked. Administrators can help champion and create supportive infrastructure, policies, and rewards that are necessary for implementation, sustainability, and scaling of HIPs on college and university campuses. This tool can serve as a reflective guide for administrators who are interested in supporting HIPs on their campuses. It will provide actions they can take to support HIPs, as well as identify gaps in both practice and communication that could be hindering this process. Access the tool here.

Support for High-Impact Practices: A New Tool for Administrators

Certain widely tested educational practices have been shown to have a significantly beneficial impact on student learning and success in college. And while they demonstrably benefit all students, their impact is particularly high for students from historically underrepresented groups. The practices can take many different forms, depending on learner characteristics as well as institutional priorities and contexts. Read the article here