My name is Jocelyn Sandoval and I was born and raised in south central Los Angeles. I am a senior at Foshay Learning Center who will be attending UCLA as biology major in this fall 2016. My goal is to become a pediatrician and travel to developing countries and provide medical assistance to those who are not exposed to it. My journey in applying to college was quite difficult because I wanted to use my essays to help me stand out. It was difficult because I was basically competing with the rest of the high school seniors all around the world. I remember that I had my personal statement revised so many times that I ended up rewriting it without changing the story. I was lucky enough to have a lot of support, such as the I AM Program, to help me get through my college application process. Thanks to the I AM Program and a few other resources, I was able to submit all my applications and also learn how FAFSA worked even before I applied.
Joselyn Sandoval

Class of 2016
High School

Foshay Learning Center

Support Used

Words of Advice

For the future I AM students, I would tell them to take advantage of the opportunities this program offers to them, such as the workshops that are offered and the field trips to various universities. The I AM Program truly focuses on the success of its students in terms of attending the college that benefits them the most.