Most Common Senior Year Mistakes: DO NOT MAKE THEM

The Most Common Senior Year Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

1. Missing classes
Skipping classes could mean missing valuable information for upcoming tests. And don’t forget to think ahead to university classes: information you’ll need for your major in your college program may be covered during a high school lecture you miss.


2. Thinking your second semester grades don’t count

Many universities look at your second semester grades, so keep that GPA up and keep taking those AP/IB and honors classes. Admissions departments at many colleges and universities have been known to rescind or cancel the acceptance letters of students who drop their tough classes or let their GPA sink dramatically due to senior slump.


3. Giving in to “senioritis”

A bit of restlessness during your senior year is to be expected, but don’t let yourself lose motivation, procrastinate, or slack off completely. Letting yourself get physically or emotionally run down can ruin your senior year and make you less prepared for getting a college degree.


4. Getting overwhelmed

Senior year means juggling everything from the prom and parties to college essays and AP tests. You’ll get through it all if you take a step back and prioritize your time. Make lists and timelines to keep track of all of your deadlines and make sure you get it all done.


5. Not keeping your priorities straight

Planning for college doesn’t mean you can forget about your current obligations. In class, that means making sure your transcript is full of good grades in all of your subjects, not just the ones you think are easier or more relevant to your intended degree. Outside of class, that means not dropping your extracurricular activities or work if those activities will benefit you financially or personally.