UC Applications: After You Apply

UC Applications: After You Apply

  • Print a copy of the applications: Applicants should keep a record of the application ID number for their reference.
  • Order test score reports: Freshman applicants should submit ACT and SAT test scores by the end of December.

IMPORTANT: To expedite the delivery of these test scores, the UC does not recommend applicants use the ACT Priority Reporting or College Board’s Score Choice function or Rush Score delivery.


Students should use the normal reporting method and can visit the ACT or College Board websites for information on how to send score reports.


If you have your official score report sent to one campus, it will be available to all campuses to which you applied.  


  • Update the application: Students can log in to the application to review and, if necessary, update their telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, or SAT/ACT Test scores.

If there are changes to a student’s academic record or other parts of the application, please click here for instructions.