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These publications include research and data on IDAs and higher education. Highlight the links below to review IDA-PAYS/CHEPA publications and other organizations publications on IDAs and Higher Education:

IDA-PAYS/CHEPA Publications
Please review documents we have compiled from the data we have collected:
Final Report Examining the potential of education IDAs: A report on the IDA-PAYS (Postsecondary Access for your Success) Research Project
Annotated Bibliography: Perspectives in Individual Development Accounts A summary of some key references we found to be helpful during our research project
Analysis and Insights from Nonprofit practitioners working with Education IDAs   A summary of our conversations with practitioners offering IDAs
Strategies for IDA practitioners to create Partnerships with Postsecondary Institutions    A paper to assist nonprofit practitioners who are interested in creating partnerships with postsecondary institutions
IDAs and Financial Aid: Understanding the Puzzle and Sharing Best Practices A description of how IDAs are handled in the financial
aid process
New strategies in delivering education IDAs: Rethinking program design A paper that reviews program design considerations when offering
education IDAs
Institutional Policy Brief: Financial Education in TRIO Programs An institutional policy brief on financial education in TRIO programs

Other Publications

Select the links below for publications on various IDA or Higher Education Topics:

IDAs Higher Education
General information on IDAs College Access and Success
Employer IDAs Low-Income Students
Youth IDAs Financial Aid
Expanding IDAs Financial Education
IDAs and Tax Credits Partnering
IDA Policy Other
College Savings Plans  
Other Savings Programs  

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