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College Access and Success
Fifty States of Achieving the Dream: State Policies to Enhance Access to and Success in Community Colleges across the United States (2007) – Achieving the Dream
Community College Student Success: What Institutional Characteristics Make a Difference? (2005) – Achieving the Dream
What Community College Management Practices are Effective in Promoting Student Success? A Study of High- and Low-Impact Institutions (2006) – Achieving the Dream
Moving Beyond Access: College Success for Low-Income, First Generation Students (2008) – Pell Institute
Engaging a Nation: Expanding the Role of TRIO and Other Outreach Programs (2001) – Pell Clearinghouse
Expanding Access and Opportunity: The Washington State Achievers Scholarship (2006) – The Pell Institute
College success programs (2003) – Pathways to College Network
How do pre-collegiate outreach programs impact college-going among underrepresented students? (2003) – Pathways to College Network
Improving college access for minority, low-income and first generation students (2003) – Pathways to College Network
Pathways to and through college: Linking policy with research and practice (2003) – Pathways to College Network
A shared agenda: A leadership challenge to improve college access and success (2004) – Pathways to College Network
Annotated bibliography: Perspectives in postsecondary education programs and student support interventions (2003) – Pathways to College Network
Promise Lost: College Qualified Students Who Don’t Enroll in College (2008) – TERI
College Knowledge: Addressing Information Barriers to College (2004) – TERI
A Guide to Establishing Community-Based College Access Centers (2002) – TERI
From College Access to College Success: College Preparation and Persistence of BPS Graduates (2007) – TERI
Low-Income Students
Breaking through the Barriers: Empowering Low-Income Communities, Schools, & Families for College Opportunity & Student Financial Aid – CHEPA
Retaining First Generation and Low Income Students (2000) – Pell Clearinghouse
Capturing the college potential of students from under-served populations: An analysis of efforts to overcome social and financial barriers to college (2002) – Pathways to College Network
Demography is not Destiny: Increasing the Graduation Rates of Low-Income College Students at Large Public Universities – The Pell Institute
Achievement Trap:  How America Is Failing Millions of High-Achieving Students From Lower-Income Families – Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
College Access for Working Poor: Overcoming Burdens to Succeed in Higher Education (2007) – IHEP
Financial Aid
Putting Money on the Table: Information, Financial Aid and Access to College – CHEPA
Show Us the Money: Low-Income Students, Families, and Financial Aid (2005) – CHEPA
Money on the Table: State Initiatives to Improve Financial Aid Participation (2006) – Achieving the Dream
The federal government and the student aid partnership (2002) – Pathways to College Network
National dialogue on student financial aid – Challenging times, clear choices: An action agenda for college access and success (2003) – Pathways to College Network
Financial aid – A shared agenda to achieve access and success for under-served students – Pathways to College Network
Children’s Savings Accounts and Financial Aid: An examination of the consequences of Children’s Saving Account ownership on financial aid eligibility (2006) – CFED
Early Commitment Financial Aid Programs: Promises, Practices, and Policies (2005) – TERI
Early & Often Designing a Comprehensive System of Financial Aid Information: Abridged Version (2008) – The Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance
Rethinking the Middleman: Federal Student Loan Guaranty Agencies
New American Foundation
2007 Status on the Pell Grant – American Council on Education
Financial Education
From Financial Literacy to Financial Capability Among Youth (2006) – CSD
Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students: Cultivating
Positive Financial Attitudes and Behaviors for Healthy Adulthood

Learning styles and the use of the Wall Street Journal in the introductory finance course – Academy of Educational Leadership Journal
Education and saving: The long-term effects of high school financial curriculum mandates – Journal of Public Economics
Changing college students’ Financial Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior through Seminar Participation – Journal of Family and Economic Issues
Measuring the impact of a financial education curriculum on student attitudes and behavior (Final evaluation report) – The University of Wisconsin Madison
Do Financial Education Programs Work? – Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Household Financial Management: The Connection between Knowledge and Behavior – Federal Reserve Bulletin
Financial literacy strategies: Where do we go from here? – Networks Financial Institute: Indiana State University
Debt literacy, finance experience, and overindebtness – Harvard Business School
A profile of financially at-risk college students – The Journal of Consumer Affairs
Credit practices and financial education needs of Midwest college students – Networks Financial Institute: Indiana State University
Translating financial education into behavior change for low-income populations – Financial Counseling and Planning
Are We Making the Grade? A National Overview of Financial Education and Program Evaluation – Journal of Consumer Affairs
Financial literacy: If it’s so important, why isn’t it improving? – Networks Financial Institute: Indiana State University
The impact of financial literacy education on subsequent financial behavior – Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning
The effectiveness of youth financial education: A review of the literature – New America Foundation, Financial Services and Education Project, Asset Building Program
Survey of the States: Economic and Personal Finance Education in Our Nation’s Schools in 2007: A Report Card – National Council on Economic Education
Financial literacy in America: Individual choices, national consequences – National Endowment for Financial Education
Motivating Americans to develop constructive financial behaviors – National Endowment for Financial Education
Policy Options to Improve Financial Education: Equipping Families for Their Financial Futures – New America Foundation, Asset Building Program
The Impact of Personal Finance Education Delivered in High School and College Courses – Journal of Family and Economic Issues  
President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy: 2008 Annual Report to the President – US Department of the Treasury, Washington DC
The Opportunities and Challenges of Partnering with Schools – CHEPA
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