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General Information on IDAs
Major Findings from IDA Research in the United States (2008) – Center for Social Development (CSD)
Saving Performance in the American Dream Demonstration: A National Demonstration of Individual Development Accounts (2002) – CSD
Evaluation of the American Dream Demonstration Final Evaluation Report (2004) – Abt. Associates
Saving for Post-secondary Education in Individual Development Accounts (2004) – CSD
Educational Status and Savings Performance in Individual Development Accounts (2005) – CSD
Asset Building in Rural Communities: The Experience of Individual Development Accounts (2007) – Rural Sociology
Match Rates, Individual Accounts, and Saving by the Poor (2005) – The Journal of Income Distribution
Drop-Out from Individual Development Accounts: Prediction and Prevention (2005) – CSD
What Do Individual Development Accounts Cost? The First Three Years at CAPTC (2002) – CSD
Assets Beyond Saving in Individual Development Accounts (2007) – CSD
2007 Program Survey (In 2005, CFED conducted a survey of the field to which nearly 400 IDA programs responded) – Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)
Assets for Independence Act Evaluation (2008) – Abt Associates Inc.
Report to Congress Status at the Conclusion of the Eighth Year – Assets for Independence Program
Selected Publications Related to the “American Dream Demonstration” – CSD
For a complete listing of publications see:

Employer IDAs
Employer IDA Initiatives: The Promise of Delivering IDAs through Employers (2003) – CFED
Coordinating Individual Development Accounts and the Workforce Investment Act to Increase Access to Postsecondary Education and Training (2005) – CSD
Youth IDAs
IDAs for Youth: Lessons from an Emerging Field (2001) – CFED
Expanding IDAs
Large Site IDA Programs: Pioneering the Next Level of Expansion (2007) – Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Moving to Scale: Offering IDAs Through Large-Site Models (2007) – Insight Center for Community Economic Development
IDAs and Tax Credits
Tax Credits and IDA Programs (2003) – CSD
Shared Responsibility Model – Oregon
A House Bill – Oregon
IDA Policy
IDAs and Asset-building policy: Lessons and Directions (2008) – CSD
Individual Development Accounts: Policies to Build Savings and Assets for the Poor (2005) – The Brookings Institute Policy Brief
State-level Individual Development Account (IDA) Policy: Opportunities and Challenges for Rural Areas (2006) – CSD
State Assets Policy Pages – CSD
Promoting Economic Security for Working Families: State Asset Policy Initiatives – Asset Building Strategies
College Savings Plans
Inclusion in College Savings Plans: Participation and Saving in Maine’s Matching Grant Program (2006) – CSD
College Expectations Among Young Children: The Potential Role of Savings (2007) – CSD
Examining Minority and Poor Youth’s College Aspirations and Expectations: The Potential Role of College Savings (2007) – CSD
The Achievement Gap from a Capabilities and Asset Perspective (2007) – CSD
Other savings programs
Individual Development Accounts and Community Action Agencies, A Natural Partnership: A technical assistance
document for Community Action Agencies operating Individual Development Account programs (2004) – CTE,
Inc the Community Action Agency serving the greater Stamford Area
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs): A Good Match? (2005) – CSD
IDA and Public Benefits (2004) – ISED Solutions
Assets and Opportunities Scorecard (2005) – CFED
Determinants of Asset Building (2008) – The Urban Institute, Center for Social Development, and the New America Foundation
Inclusion in Asset-Building Policies at State and Federal Levels (2006) – CSD
Annual Report (2006) – CFED
2007-2008 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard Guide – CFED
The Balance Sheets of Low Income Households: What we know about their Assets and Liabilities (2007) – Urban Institute
Assessing Asset Data on Low-Income Households: Current Availability and Options for Improvement (2007) – Urban Institute
Also see the following websites for more briefs and publications on assets:

USC Rossier School of Education
CHEPA: Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis

IDA-PAYS: Postsecondary Access for Your Success