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Welcome IDA and education practitioners to the IDA-PAYS resource page! If you are interested in offering IDAs this section will provide you with information about IDAs and how to apply for an education IDAs. If you already offer IDAs this section will give you new considerations for program design and education partnerships when offering education IDAs and provide you with resources for financial and asset-specific education. The questions below will guide you to your destination.

What is an IDA?

Why should I offer an education IDA?

I want to offer an education IDA!

I got the grant, now what?

Resources from IDA-PAYS/CHEPA

What is an IDA?
FAQ1 – 10 Frequently Asked Questions about IDAs
FAQ2 – More in-depth question about IDAs
Education IDA Overview (PowerPoint)
Volume VI, Issue II spring 2007 CHEPA Newsletter on IDAs (The Navigator)
Other organizations’ resources: Powerpoints and FAQs on IDAs
Why should I offer an education IDA?
Why should I offer an Education IDA and how can I do it successfully?
Why should a Postsecondary Institution consider partnering to offer an Individual  Development Account (IDA)?
Why is education important for your future and how can education IDAs help you reach  your educational goals?
Other organizations’ resources: Facts about the benefits of college and education IDA success stories
I want to offer an Education IDA!
How to apply for an IDA?
Strategies for IDA practitioners to create partnerships with Postsecondary Institutions
New strategies in Delivering Education IDAs: Re-thinking Program Design
Who’s Who in Postsecondary Institutions?
Examples of IDA partnerships
Sample list of IDA Nonprofits
Powerpoints to use in your conversations with your organization/institution when considering your program design:

Other organizations’ resources: resources on program design, marketing education IDAs to postsecondary institutions and to students, examples of MOUs, guides to funding IDA programs, and IDA program locators and grant application information
I got the grant, now what?
Education Asset Resources for IDA practitioners
Financial education resources for youth and adults
IDAs and Financial Aid: Understanding the Puzzle and Sharing Best Practices
Institutional Policy Brief: Financial Education in TRIO Programs
Volume VIII, Issue II, Spring 2009 CHEPA Newsletter on Financial
Education (The Navigator)

Powerpoint to review when considering financial education for your program:

Other organizations’ resources: Financial education and asset-specific education for low-income youth and adult students

USC Rossier School of Education
CHEPA: Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis


For those of your interested in reviewing some of our research on education IDAs and partnerships between nonprofits and postsecondary institutions, please see publications.