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Resources: I want to offer an education IDA!

Resources from IDA-PAYS/CHEPA

How to apply for an IDA grant?
Strategies for IDA practitioners to create partnerships with Postsecondary Institutions
New strategies in Delivering Education IDAs: Re-thinking Program Design
Who’s Who in Postsecondary Institutions?
Examples of partnerships
Powerpoints to use in your conversations with your organization/institution when considering your program design:

Resources from Other Organizations

Select the links below for resources by category:

Program Design
Marketing Education IDAs to Postsecondary Institutions
Marketing IDAs to Students
Memos and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Examples
IDA Program Locations
IDA application resources
Program Design
Program Design Resources which include: Program Planning, Program Administration, Population Specific, Accountholder Communications, Creating Partnerships, Asset Acquisition Forms, Policies and Procedures, and Recruiting – CFED
IDA Program Logic Model Template – the Assets Alliance
Program Logic Model for Youth$ave – REACH Community Development Corporation
Participant and Program Flow – REACH Community Development Corporation
Eight Years of Youth$ave 1998-2006 (A summary of program impact, key elements of success, program changes made, and lessons learned) – REACH Community Development Corporation
Calculator Template for Designing an IDA Account Structure – the Assets Alliance
Service Delivery Flow – MESA College Initiative
IDAs and Banks: A Solid “Match” – FDIC Quarterly (2007 Volume 1, Number 1)
Marketing Education IDAs to Postsecondary Institutions
Sample Marketing Letter to Universities – Lenders for Community Development
Marketing IDAs to Students
Women, Work, and Community Flyer – Maine FDA Coalition
Franklin County Tax Assistance Program – Maine FDA Coalition
Memo and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Examples
Sample of memo to University – Michigan IDA partnership
Sample of memo to University – CASA of Oregon, VIDA
MOU – Mile High United Way
Sample documents and guides
Appeal Letter from Sponsoring Agency – CFED, IDA Program Design Handbook
Appeal Letter from Account Holder – Housing Assistance Corporation
Guide for Writing IDA Funding Proposals – CFED, IDA Program Design Handbook
Letter to Bank – Youth$ave/REACH
IDA Program Locators
View CFED’s IDA directory to search for an IDA program in your state
View the AFI Project Locator to search for organizations offering IDAs
View website links to other nonprofit organizations offering IDAs
IDA application resources:
General information
Corporation for Enterprise Development or CFED

Federal IDA
Assets for Independence Act or AFI

State IDA
The Center for Social Development or CSD

Private IDA
Below are some examples of organizations who have started a private IDA program
SEED Initiative
The American Dream Demonstration
Jim Casey Youth Opportunity Initiative Opportunity Passport

USC Rossier School of Education
CHEPA: Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis


For those of your interested in reviewing some of our research on education IDAs and partnerships between nonprofits and postsecondary institutions, please see publications.