TSLC Scholars – Research Design

We have designed a comprehensive mixed-methods study, relying on both quantitative and qualitative methods as well as both formative and summative research to better understand the role of the TSLC experience on select students’ college trajectory. In 2011, MIT started an impact evaluation as to whether or not the STBF’s financial aid (as well as financial aid plus TSLC experience) leads to better academic achievements for recipients. We leveraged their research design for the summative research. In addition, our mixed-methods design will further contribute to the research by providing important contextual information regarding the STBF scholars’ participation in these TSLCs. The study outlined in this project adds onto MIT’s important study by understanding the complex interplay of financial aid and other forms of student support. Here we provide a brief overview of each of the four methods –longitudinal survey, focus group discussions, case study, and longitudinal qualitative cohort.

Longitudinal survey

Focus group discussions

Case study

Longitudinal qualitative cohort – Digital Diaries