Robert Reason

Robert Reason
Associate Director of Research and Administration
Ph.D., Iowa State University

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Dr. Robert D. Reason is professor of higher education and student affairs in the School of Education at Iowa State University. Prior to Iowa State, he was associate professor and senior scientist at the Center for the Study of Higher Education at Penn State University. He earned a B.A. from Grinnell College, a master’s degree from Minnesota State University Mankato, and a Ph.D. from Iowa State University. Dr. Reason is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of College Student Development and an ACPA Senior Scholar. His publications include Developing social justice allies (2005, with Ellen Broido, Nancy Evans, and Tracy Davis) and College Students in the United States: Characteristics, Experiences, and Outcomes (2012, with Kristen Renn).

Dr. Reason studies how college and university policies, the campus climate, and students’ experiences in college interact to influence student outcomes. Much of his research as focused on student learning outcomes during the first-year of college, during two multi-institutional studies while at Penn State. Recently, Dr. Reason has been working with the Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) at Iowa State to administer the Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory and the Global Perspective Inventory.